3 exercises to burn body fat

best exercises to burn body fat

Check the best 3 exercises to burn body fat and get the body you have always dreamt! We know how hard it is to burn body fat, but with these 3 exercises it can be much easier! Have a look! Don’t forget to check our posts about benefits of playing sports and benefits of early jogging for kids and adults

In recent times, there has been talking about anaerobic workouts.

It was said that these were essential to losing fat and gain muscle mass. However, recent studies have proven the opposite again. Aerobic exercises are key to losing body fat!

3 exercises to burn body fat – Get your dream body!

top 3 exercises to burn body fat

When you do an aerobic workout, your whole body recruits glycogen and fat stores in order to produce energy.

The higher the intensity, the better the results. Therefore, one of the best 3 exercises to burn body fat is the high-intensity interval training. There is no doubt that it is the best of all exercises to lose body fat!

There are many physical exercises that stimulate the burning of calories, and therefore the burning of body fat. Some more than others. So I will tell you the top 3 exercises to burn body fat, followed by others which do not cease to be important too, and with good results as well.

It is important that you keep in mind that the calories burned depend on several factors such as the duration of training, the intensity of the workout, your physical condition, nutrition, and metabolism.best exercises to burn body fat

High-intensity interval training (HIIT).

This is the exercise with the best cost / benefit. You burn plenty calories in just 20 minutes of training. The most popular methods are the CrossFit, boot camp, and the Tabata method.


Were not you expecting? This activity trains all muscle groups, which allows you to have a balanced development.

On average, a swimming lesson of approximately 45 minutes you spend about 500 calories!best exercise to burn body fat


These classes are great to stimulate your metabolism, this because you do not always pedal at the same pace. Are simulated ascents, descents of mountains, with intensity variation. Therefore, in each class, you can spend more than 600 calories.

These are the top 3 exercises to burn body fat. Now, let’s check other activities to burn body fat, excellent as well!


You can burn fat while having fun in a dance class! For example, Zumba classes are very fun and rather stimulate your body. You can spend more than 400 calories!

Group lessons.

Do you know those classes Step, Jump, Body Pump, etc? They are excellent for losing weight but are also great to increase your stamina!exercise to burn body fat

Martial arts.

Martial arts require a lot of cardiovascular work, which makes from them great sports to burn calories. You have a multitude of choices, such as muay Thai, jiu-jitsu, krav maga, karate, capoeira, boxing, judo, among many others.

Jumping rope.

Yeah! Jumping rope for 30 minutes is equivalent to about 400 calories burned depending on the intensity of course. So have a string always near you!


Hope I have helped you on choosing your 3 exercises to burn body fat! 

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