5 team sports for kids

choose 5 team sports for kids

Today we are going to present you 5 team sports for kids that will help them developing several skills, from physical to social skills. As you know, all collective sports bring many advantages, much more than health benefits, which we get through individual sports as well. See our articles about benefits of early jogging for kids and adults and kayak lessons for children in the UK.

Regardless of the benefits that the individual or collective sports bring to children, we must choose them according to the age of our children. Each age has different needs. So it is important to have in mind this question.

So, let’s see the best 5 team sports for kids!

Best 5 team sports for kids


The choice of sport for our children are no longer based on the sex that has the child, although there is a natural tendency for girls to choose dance, and boys, football.best 5 team sports for kids

However, this choice should always be made jointly between parents and children. It is very important to respect the taste and interest of your child, and never force them to do something they do not like.

To parents fits the choice of class time, and if they can afford the costs of the lessons. The choice of sport should be made by the child.

So, let’s see 5 team sports for kids, and which are the best according to your child’s age.

Sports for children from three to five years old

These ages must not be more than three or four hours of exercise a week but always consult your paediatrician first. In this case, the best sport is swimming. The collective sports will be left for later.

Sports for children from five to seven years old

At this age, it is important that the child performs several different sports so he can freely choose later the one he likes the most. The best is to combine an individual sport and a collective. You can choose between swimming, gymnastics or martial arts, and the best 5 team sports for kids are:choose 5 team sports for kids

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Handball
  • Volleyball
  • Rugby



Sports for children of eight and nine years old

This is the proper age to choose whether the sport is just a way to have fun and take care of the health, or if you want to to join the world of competition. Everything depends on the opinion of your child, although your opinion here prevails. The important thing is whether the child is willing to sacrifice for the competitive sport because it needs a lot of dedication.

The collective sports are the most appropriate to coordinate children. But know that are not optimal for other children. Look:

  • For restless and nervous children, with a lack of concentration, but workers when motivated, it is best that you opt for athletics or swimming.
  • For perfectionists children with self-control and capacity for suffering, the better are the individual sports such as gymnastics, tennis, among others.
  • For strong and physically fit children, you can opt for sports with a risk of injuries such as boxing and rugby.


Regardless of all, know that the collective sports bring you many benefits and they are always a good choice for your children. What are your favourite 5 team sports for kids?

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