Athletics and relay races for kids

athletics and relay races for kids benefits

Do you know the benefits of Athletics and relay races for kids? In this post we are going to tell you all the benefits that athletics and relay races bring to children. Have a look! Read also our posts about best World Cup moments of all times and benefits of playing sports. I am sure you will love them too! 

athletics relay races for kidsAthletics is a complete sport, and it involves a number of activities that take place both outdoors and in indoor track.

Within athletics, there are several categories, such as launches, jumping, running, Marching, marathon, and combined events.

This is one of the few sports that is practiced all over the world, and that has its origins in ancient civilizations.

In fact, Athletics and relay races for kids can bring lots of benefits for them, and they seem like they never end. Read on and find out all the benefits your child can enjoy! 

Athletics and relay races for kids: Benefits


All children love to jump and run, and athletics and relay races for kids can meet the key qualities for small to enjoy.

These are activities that are accessible to all children and additionally, comes out very cheap for parents because it is not required major economic investment.

Another advantage is that these activities are valid for both boys and girls, therefore contributes to gender equality.

It is not required that children be very high (as in basketball), or very short ones (as the case of horse riding). The only thing that is required is that the children enjoy the activities, and they want to participate.athletics and relay races for kids benefits

As in athletics are many categories for sure your child fit in one of them.

Now that you know all the advantages of these two activities, check the benefits of practicing athletics and relay races for kids.

  • Develops strength in the lower extremities
  • Develops physical endurance
  • Develops speed
  • Improves lung capacity
  • Stimulates growth hormones
  • Helps in the development of muscles

But the benefits are not restricted to physical advantages. It is proven that these activities bring psychological benefits for children, such as:

  • Helps to distract them from any problems they are facing,
  • Gain confidence,
  • Gain self-control,
  • They have a greater emotional stability,
  • It helps to have a better performance in school.

Note that the athletics are not practiced in an equal way in children and adults, although the technique is the same.

According to the child’s age, both athletics as the relay race, are adapted, and there are different categories by age.athletics and relay races kids benefits

For example, small children compete in speed disciplines but with shorter distances, the poles are smaller (pole vault), and the weights are smaller (releases).

Although parents worry about the extra pressure that competition can involve for the child, know that competition can bring benefits to the child, as they learn to lose, socialize, help others, values that are very important to the community life.

Therefore we can say that these competitions help in children’s personality formation, and their education. So, athletics and relay races for kids can only bring advantages!

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