Benefits of early jogging for kids and adults

all the Benefits of early jogging for kids and adults

Do you know all the Benefits of early jogging for kids and adults? Let’s find out everything in this post. The benefits of playing sports are known by everyone, but there are some habits that you need to incite in kids. A morning walk is the best way to start the day, and the sooner you do more benefits it will bring to adulthood. 

It is sufficient walking 30 minutes a day to help us preventing both physical and mental illnesses. Do not forget the stretching. It is very important to stretch before and after exercise to avoid cramps and injuries.all the Benefits of early jogging for kids and adults

The Benefits of early jogging for kids and adults are almost infinite. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Benefits of early jogging for kids and adults


Walk or go jogging for 30 minutes every morning in a steady step, helps in reducing the risk of developing diabetes, depression, some cancers and helps against cholesterol and high blood pressure.

It also decreases the risk of premature death, it helps fight cardiovascular problems and maintains heart health.all Benefits of early jogging for kids and adults

However, keep in mind some numbers when compared to walking and jogging.

  • Walking reduces in 7% cholesterol risks and jogging in 4.3%.
  • Walking reduces the chances of getting heart disease in 9.3% and jogging in 4.5%.
  • Walking reduces the chance of developing hypertension in 7.3% and jogging in 4.2%.
  • Walking reduces the risk of diabetes in 12.3% and jogging reduces in 12.1%.

Walking has been shown to have the same benefits as jogging and even more benefits. So do not worry if your child or yourself, can not run for long. Walk in steady pace can bring the same Benefits of early jogging for kids and adults. 

Children still take more benefits from the jogging. It develops muscle strength, flexibility, endurance, stimulation of bone metabolism, improving motor coordination, improvement in the mood and appetite, increased respiratory and cardiac capacity and to prevent obesity, reduce the risk of hypertension, diabetes, and arteriosclerosis.all Benefits of early jogging kids and adults

Furthermore, and most importantly, jogging is an incentive for children to gain the love of sport. And it is this pleasure in the practice of sport that will make them a healthier and happy adult.

But the benefits are not restricted to children. In fact, even the American Cancer Society recommends that adults practice at least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity, where the jogging can be an option, along with walking, swimming, or cycling. They also claim that practicing five or more days a week help prevent cancer.

It’s true. the Benefits of early jogging for kids and adults are much more than heart and keep fit.

The physically active women see the risk of breast cancer decrease before and after the menopause.

Men who play sports or exercises such as jogging, walking, cycling, among others, have less risk of developing prostate cancer, and the risk of death is lower. Men walking 90 or more minutes per week at a normal to fast paced have a risk 46 percent lower to die from any cause. Note that only in a vigorous activity of more than three hours per week is associated with a reduction in mortality from prostate cancer.

Don’t you think that these are enough benefits to practise some sports today? Don’t forget to take your kids with you. It is important for them so all of you can enjoy the Benefits of early jogging for kids and adults.

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