Best places to go skiing in England

best places to go skiing in England Allenheads

Are you in interested in knowing about the Best places to go skiing in England? Well, search no more because we will show you in this article where you can surf the snow in the smoggy country o the United Kingdom. And what about ending the day with a frozen party? Do not also forget to have a look at some of our previous posts, such as bike routes for families or top 5 Olympic moments.

You can take your kids with you and show them de delightful adventure of skiing, falling on the snow and, because there always time for that, make snow angels.

Best places to go skiing in England with kids

These are Ski Centres, all located in the Pennines and The Lake District, what is sure to reassure you that it is safe for all the family. Here are the Best places to go skiing in England:

best places to go skiing in England Allenheads


This is a small ski centre located on the edge of the old lead mining village, about a driving hour away from Newcastle. It is of easy access, not inaccessible when the roads are blocked, and it is often quiet.

This club has two tows to skiing and offers runs of 120m in a beautiful sheltered field of snow. These are the prices for the membership:

  • £35 for Adults;
  • £20 for Juniors;
  • £70 for Families.

You even have the Allenheads Inn 200m down the road. Next on the Best places to go skiing in England list is the Yad Moss:

Located high up on the fells between the Stanhope and the Alston, it is at the exact opposite end of the Pennines.

This Ski club is proud to offer the awesome longest lift in England of the 650m which serve the tracks that are usually treated with perfection.

It is just off the B6277 making it easy accessible but of high visitors, so in order to be sure you get in, you need to get there early.

A day ticket is about £20 but ticket sales can be limited when the days are busy, and some days it is merely open for member – check the website!

best place to go skiing in England

The last of our Best places to go skiing in England List is Harwood:

This ski club lies down the road from Yad Moss, offering short and quiet runs of up to 500m.

This awesome club is a little more low-profile from the uptown one and offers family adventure for merely £15 a day for adults – there are some promotions for kids sometimes. The tow hooks can easily be hired for £5 a day.

We hope you enjoyed our list, have a great time exploring and skiing in this clubs, elected by us as the Best places to go skiing in England.

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