Best World Cup moments of all times

find Best World Cup moments of all times

Look at the Best World Cup moments of all times and remember some great times in the football world! I am sure you will remember some of those best moments of the world cup. You might also like to read our previous posts about team training techniques for coaches and 5 team sports for kids.

The World Cup is an important event for any fan of a sport and it involves different sports and different countries teams but the most famous is the football cup, so in this article, you’ll be able to get to know what were the best moments at this sport’s cup.

Some of the Best World Cup moments of all times

The World Cup is one of the greatest competitions, and in fact, everybody waits to watch it, always hoping their teams win it.

We have made a selection of the Best World Cup moments of all times for you. Enjoy! find Best World Cup moments of all times

  • Diego Maradona’s “best goal ever”, game: Argentina – England, 1986

    This is one of the most famous goal in the history of football and it was considered very controversial and polemical.

  • Maracanazo (in Spanish), place: Brasil, 1950

    Therm that refers to the game that decided the winner of the World Cup in 1950. The teams were Brasil and Uruguay and the winner was the second one.

    This was the second and the last title Uruguay has received until this day. With this lost, Brasil, that was considered the favorite team, got so ashamed that a lot of newspapers seemed to not accept the lost and the team even changed the color of the uniform for what they wear today: yellow shirt with green neck and blue shorts.

There is no doubt, this is one of the Best World Cup moments of all timesBest World Cup moments all times

  • Cameroon won Argentina in the World Cup in Italy in 1990.

    Against all expectations, the African national team won the World Cup against Argentina, in a final that left the hearts alight, throbbing, full of so much emotion. A rewarding moment for the soul, when players from Cameroon are thrilled to lift the cup of the world champions.

  • Battle of Santiago

    In the confrontation between Chile and Italy, the game was remembered as the most horrific, brutal, cruel and shameful in the history of football. These were the adjectives used at the time to describe a game that seemed to come from a horror movie.

  • Mussolini’s blackshirts’ 1938 win

In 1938, in a game between Italy and Norway, the Italian players at the time chaired by Mussolini, raise their arms, making a fascist salute. No doubt a moment that went for history, and that remained in the memory of those who watched.Best World Cup moments

  • Miracle of Bern

    Hungary showed up unbeatable until the final of 1954 where the underdogs made a great game. A team that did not even exist in the previous competition, and after 10 minutes already losing by two goals, managed to turn the game and head to victory! Undoubtedly one of the Best World Cup moments of all times.

There is no doubt that the world cup is one of the competitions with more history, and it is always difficult to choose which are the best moments because there were several. For me, these were the Best World Cup moments of all times.

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