Charity walks and races in London

best Charity walk and race in London

Hi there! Today we are going to talk to you about Charity walks and races in London. Enjoy them and join the charity with healthcare! I am sure you will love to walk and race with your whole family! Don’t forget to take a look at our posts about benefits of early jogging for kids and adults and Birmingham top Sports party venues

There are many Charity walks and races in London. Take a look at this post and find the best ones!

Best Charity walks and races in London


Each year, thousands of People walk 5 and 14 miles between Sutton hospitals and Chelsea to support Royal Marsden to help a future beyond cancer. This is a great opportunity to raise funds for the royal Marsden cancer charity and show your support for a loved one with the disease.

best Charity walks and races in LondonIt is a great experience by sharing your experience with having a loved one with cancer with others that had some or one of it as well.

The shorter 5 miles route goes through the last five miles of the main route from Chelsea, Putney, Wimbledon and Sutton. Which correspond to the biggest 14-mile route.

This is the charity walk in London with supporters, family, patients, and friends from hospital and staff, everyone that supports the pioneers of the Royal Marsden. Each year there are also celebrities supporters that walk along as well.

best Charity walk and race in LondonAt the end of the route, there is always a big party giving thanks for all walkers, this is a great way to celebrate the end of the day. There is as well a barbecue, face paintings, and live entertainment with series of guest bands. All funds go to the Royal Marsden cancer charity to promote a better diagnosis, treatment and care for all affected by cancer.

The virgin money London marathon 2017 is one of the most famous Charity walks and races in London.

On Sunday, 23 April 2017, thousands of People will run at RNIB.

Minimum sponsorship: £1,900 (Excluding Gift Aid)

Registration fee: £100

These two are the most famous Charity walks and races in London. 

Since the first London Marathon in 1981, runners raised £770 million for charity, making it the largest annual event in the world.

Every year, participants continue to raise money.

Raising money for charity is awesome and serve when you know you’re supporting a good cause. You’re helping real people and changing lives, your contribution will make a big difference . Running for charity can raise awareness and make you think and feel you are helping Charity walk and race London

If you are UK tax payer you pay the extra money and it can be added to donations.

When you run for charity, you’re surrounded by people running for the same reason at Charity walks and races in London, the biggest world´s runs. With people from everywhere, including celebrities. Come as well and give a great contribution to a great cause, you won´t regret!

Hope you enjoyed our post, and I hope you have a great time on those Charity walks and races in London! 

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