fun activities for toddlers outdoors

outdoors activities for toddlers

There are some great and fun activities for toddlers outdoors that you can easily do, especially in these early sunny days! Check some great activities in this post and enjoy the sun with your little one! Also, check our previous posts about benefits of early jogging for kids and adults and Birmingham top Sports party venues. I suggest you read the post about  3 yrs old birthday parties in Liverpool. Lots of great ideas are in there. 

Nature provides plenty of fun for toddlers, and you do not need much to them to have fun out there.

We selected the best and fun activities for toddlers outdoors, so you can enjoy all the benefits of outdoor activities.

Best fun activities for toddlers outdoors


Our toddlers need to spent some time soaking up the sun. Therefore, the outdoor activities are excellent not only because you will get all the benefits of the sun as you will still have lots of fun activities for toddlers outdoors


If you have a garden at home, then you are a lucky person! It is perfect for some fun activities for toddlers outdoors! One of the things you can do is to attract butterflies to your garden. You can do this by planting purple, orange and yellow coloured flowers(like marigolds, asters, zinnias, and hollyhocks). You can also plant those that have small petals.

Put some pillows around the garden, put on some music to relax and let your baby enjoy the beauty of butterflies!


Hide small objects in your garden and ask your child to find. It can be toys he likes. So he will identify them easily. I’m sure you will have lots of fun, and your baby too!best activities for toddlers outdoors


In fact, flying paper kites is quite complicated for toddlers, although balloon kites are fantastic! The balloon kites fly always, doesn’t matter who is controlling, which makes your baby does not feel frustrated by not doing the kites fly.

The only thing you need is large, round helium balloons, kite string, and paper streamers.

Aren’t these fun activities for toddlers outdoors perfect for a sunny day?


You do not need much to make your toddler has fun. In fact, simple things can be quite fun.

For this activity, the only thing you need is a long rope. Place the rope in the garden in the form of zig-zag and ask for your baby walk on it.

Go changing the shapes of your rope as the baby can go all the way.outdoors activities for toddlers


Do you know anything funniest than giant bubbles? Your baby will love to chase them through the garden!

What do you need? You will need liquid dishwashing detergent, a wire coat hanger, 1/2 cup corn syrup, flat cake pan and water.

Add the syrup and dish detergent to a gallon of water. Then pour into the flat cake pan. Dip the coat hangar into the flat cake pan and have fun!

Did you like our ideas? I am sure your baby will love our fun activities for toddlers outdoors! Then let us know!

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