Top 5 Olympic moments


Choosing the top 5 Olympic moments wasn’t easy. In fact, Rio has brought us a lot of great moments. So, have a look at our top 5 and remember some of the best Olympic moments of Rio Olympics. Also, have a look at our previous posts, such as training to become like David Beckham and Athletics and relay races for kids. You will find them awesome too! 

It was an intense competition, with a lot of surprises, and against all the expectations, everything goes fine in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Some weeks after the competition begins, it was a lot of troubles, and even in the first days, there were some problems to resolve.

But in the end, the balance was great! If you are already missing the Rio Olympics, check our Top 5 Olympic Moments. You will love to remember them!

Top 5 Olympic Moments in Rio

Well, choosing only 5 moments was not so easy as you might be thinking. That’s because there were a lot of great moments this year! From the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony,  the emotions were in full bloom.

That’s why we do not have sure if these are the best 5 moments, but certainly, they are one of them. Have a look at our top 5 Olympic Momentstop 5 olympic moments in rio

Simone Biles

Girl revelation! This girl is just powerful! Her gold medals are the proof of that, and all of her proves were completely breathtaking! I am sure that she will be part of the Olympic’s history for a long long time. top-5-olympic-moments-rio

Emilie Andeol

The French athlete touched us all with her tears when she won the gold medal in the category of more than 78 kg judo. Undoubtedly, one of the best moments of the whole Olympics! Did you cry too? I must confess that a tear rolled on my face! top 5 Olympic moment

Michael Phelps

After a lot of scandals around him, accusing him of doping, Michael Phelps conquers not one, nor even two, or three, but four gold medals in this Rio Olympics. A proof that he came to stay with us just forever! I need to tell you I was happy for him. In fact, he is a great athlete. top-5-olympic-moment-2016

Rafaela Silva

Brazilian judoka Rafaela Silva fought hard and finally got the coveted gold medal. Undoubtedly, it is one of the moments that deserve to be in our Top 5 Olympic Moments, because the athlete has experienced serious difficulties to achieve the so renowned medal!

A living proof that anyone who works hard can conquer the world, even with the worst conditions of all, and with all the stones on the way! Congratulations Rafaela!

Isadora Cerullo

Isadora Cerullo starred in the most human scene of all the competition when she kissed Marjorie, a volunteer.

Marjorie took advantage of the Olympic Games to ask the rugby player in marriage and she accepted. The passionate kiss showed everyone present that love does not choose sex, gender, and it can be born anywhere, provided that there are two hearts!

Well, hope you have enjoyed our top 5 Olympic Moments. I wait for you in our next post! See you soon!

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